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Dear visitor! I am very pleased that I can greet you here.


The fact that you have found this page allows the supposition that you are searching for suppliers of translation services.

If the couple of languages you are interested in is German/Russian (English>German, English>Russian) you have already found such a supplier.

Please look around on this page. Surely, the current state of this page is not designed optimally and its functional range (interactive area for customers, custom-specific data base for terminology management, real time terminology-consistence-system for project-specific groups of translators, other services etc.) is not completed at all. The page provides all important information and opportunities for contact you need. Please, do not hesitage if there are any questions or suggestions from your side to make use of it. You can ask for an offer for the translation of a concrete text, which you can just attach to your message, confortably and without any obligations by using the contact form.

The costs that should be expected can be calculated approximately on the page Rates All in all it will be a great pleasure for me to offer my assistance, with the resposibility by my own or just to operate supportingly in your location/with your customer in Germany.

So, see you later ... ;)

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